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Cat casino 2022 new casino with bonus

Welcome to Cat casino! We created this site when we realized the difficulty of finding the right one among all the hundreds of online casinos. We simply thought there was a lack of a comprehensive casino and gaming company comparison site where you could easily find all the relevant information in one place. Since its launch in spring 2022, we have been reviewing casinos, gathering information on slot machines, and reporting news from the casino world. Before you start playing, visit us routinely to find out about new bonuses and the latest news. Once you find an online casino we recommend with a welcome bonus that's right for you, it's easy to start playing. Just click on the green button that says "At the casino" and sign up-the bonus will be yours to play with!

Absolute top class gaming experience Cat casino

The various game developers producing casino games nowadays are of the highest standard, and the high competition has greatly benefited us casino lovers. There are now slots and other games that rival well-crafted computer games in terms of gaming experience. As for live casino games, you can now interact with the dealer in real time and you are connected to him through cameras and high-tech systems to make the experience more authentic.

New online casinos - Cat casino

New casinos are popping up all the time, and there are a large number of Swedish casinos to choose from. Usually a new casino is better in some areas than those that have been around for some time, although of course there are exceptions to this as well. What usually sets a new casino apart is a modern design, a wide selection of games, and generous welcome bonuses. It is often tempting to be early to try out new casinos that appear on the scene, and it can also be convenient to be early to take advantage of the most generous launch bonuses.

How many new casinos are coming out in 2022?

In terms of new casinos, 2022 will most likely be similar to the years prior to the introduction of the Swedish gaming license. These years are characterized by a much slower pace of new casino launches than before gambling regulation. As usual, we will be reviewing all the newest casinos on Cat Casino, so keep an eye on them throughout the year to be the first to know what's new. What can we expect from the year of casinos 2022? We're thinking more casinos from the industry giants, more players with Pay'N Play with quick registration, and also a continued revamp of some of the older casinos that have not kept up in terms of design and offerings. It will be interesting to see how Svenska Spel Casino and ATG Casino continue to deal with the new circumstances. We expect that they will continue to move closer to the competition in terms of casino game offerings and may even surprise in terms of bonuses.

Cat online casino without cumbersome registration

By far the fastest option that has gained popularity in recent years is to play casino games without an account, which is a type of casino without registration with numerous lengthy forms to get started. With this type of online casino, you don't have to waste a lot of time with formalities or provide unnecessary personal information, and you can start playing within 1 minute! What's even better? That withdrawals are just as fast. One thing that until recently was mandatory when you wanted to play at online casinos was that you had to register a gaming account and provide your personal information. Not only did you have to choose a username and password, but you also had to enter details such as your name, social security number and address. Such a lengthy registration process took time and patience when all you want to do is start playing.

How no-account casino works

No-account casinos are a fairly new phenomenon, often referred to as hassle-free casinos, made possible through collaboration between casinos and some innovative payment services such as Trustly, Swish, and Zimpler. The latter have devised a method by which money can be transferred and the transaction verified through the bank, instead of having to be verified through the casino. This particular method is used by Speedy Games and No Account Casino, among others. What happens in the background is that a type of gaming account is created that is linked to your bank account. This way you do not have to waste a lot of time entering your information and you can start playing immediately after transferring the money to the casino. There is a big difference between playing at a casino that does not require registration and a legitimate casino with a registration process. Play is much faster and you do not have to share your personal information. Also, withdrawals are much faster, as no verification process (which can often take a long time) is required.

What does it take to play at a casino without registration in 2022?

To play at a Swedish no-account casino, you must use your bank account to deposit and withdraw money. You cannot use debit and credit cards or Neteller, Skrill and other payment solutions. You must use Trustly or an online bank that verifies the transfer with BankID (an application you can download from your bank). In addition to being much faster and easier, transferring money directly from your bank account is also very secure. Don't miss ComeOn Group's new Faster Casino! One aspect that few people forget is that here you always use your bank account to make the deposit. Thus, in these casinos you do not have the option of making deposits by credit card or by invoice, and thus it becomes easier to keep track of how much you play.

Betting and wagering without an account

In addition to betting verification, one of the latest trends in the betting and casino industry is that more and more gaming sites are offering the option of betting without registration. How this is possible is probably what some players are wondering. However, to be nitpicky, it is not betting without registration. At least not entirely. Rather, some casinos and betting sites, with the help of Trustly and BankID payment solutions, can allow their players to skip the registration process that is still the norm at most online gambling sites. Some player data is still stored by the site you play with, although you do not need to enter your address, phone number or bank details, as this is done automatically when you register at a casino using BankID. It goes without saying that, as a player, you want the data, such as your gambling account balance, to remain that way. Obviously, it would be very bitter if your gaming session winnings disappeared when you leave the casino. Sites that offer betting without registration The trend of betting without registration is still relatively new, so the net is not overflowing with sites offering this option. However, more and more players are discovering how convenient and easy it is, so expect to see more and more sites embracing this concept in the near future. However, here are a number of gambling sites that have been early adopters of no-account, no-registration gaming. I hope that I have answered all your questions about how no-account betting works and that your new knowledge will open up additional opportunities for profitable gaming. The simplicity and agility of no-account betting ensures that many gambling sites will make use of it.

Lightning fast withdrawals Cat casino

Another aspect that is perhaps the most pleasing is that casinos where no account is required pay the money into your account at lightning speed. We have examples of gambling companies that pay out winnings within 5 minutes of choosing a withdrawal, but often the times are even faster. Times vary between 5 and 15 minutes, both of which are clearly acceptable. Compared to other casinos, times can be up to a week. The incredibly fast withdrawals have been made possible by the fact that most casinos without registration, so-called Pay'n Play casinos, use Trustly, Swish, Zimpler or similar payment solutions.

No need to leave your personal and contact information

One of the reasons why our visitors like cashless casinos is that they do not have to provide their contact details to the casino in question, and therefore do not have to receive mass advertising in the form of SMS or e-mail. So in addition to being much easier and faster, you don't even have to manually share your information.

Playing at the Cat casino without any problems

Yes, it is possible to say that playing at a so-called cashless casino, or casino without registration, is hassle-free. It is much faster, smooth and hassle-free. There is no need to upload documents, fill dozens of boxes with personal data, and withdrawals are much faster. Why choose anything else?

The advantages of new casinos

The design of new online casinos is often modern and cutting-edge. Naturally, the experience is enhanced when everything is neat and fast. Another functional advantage of the design is that almost all new casinos are extremely well suited to work on cell phones. This means that the gaming experience is equally enjoyable, regardless of the device used. Bonuses at new online casinos are often well-proportioned to entice you to leave your favorite site. This is why it can be very attractive to give a new casino a chance, as it can generate a lot of extras in your gaming wallet. Customer service is often very well developed, as this is another front of competition with other Swedish online casinos. Well-functioning customer service, with several ways to contact them, and professional and quick responses are not uncommon in new Swedish casinos. Nowadays, at several casinos you can get assistance with your questions 24 hours a day. Most casinos have a live chat option, which is much more convenient than waiting for an e-mail response or queuing on the phone. As for deposits and withdrawals, there is usually absolutely nothing to complain about. Nowadays, modern payment methods are starting to catch on more and more, and we are seeing the popular Swish and Trustly gaining market share over the former e-wallets and credit cards. As far as competition among casinos is concerned, we see that fee-free deposits and withdrawals are a clear advantage and we are happy to see them in order to give a top score. All of the new 2022 casinos we review on this page have passed both filters and our quality criteria.

Are new casinos always better?

In some cases they are! The latest trend in online casinos shows that operators are trying harder, launching a wide variety of games, modern payment methods, attractive design, and accessible customer service.

A thriving market

2022 is the year when the gambling market is expected to adjust to the new rules and adjustments needed to survive in a regulated market. We expect bonuses to continue to be adjusted throughout the year. For players, this means that every day there will be a chance to try something new and new bonuses and free spins will be released every day, which means more chances to win money. We at Cat casino constantly monitor developments and on this page you will find the latest online casinos with the most delicious bonuses you can enjoy today. We are constantly researching and updating the site with the best and latest casino and bonus offers.

What is most important in a new 2022 casino?

We have noted that four key aspects are particularly important for start-up casinos. In this section, we have chosen to delve into these four points to give you an idea of how we think what makes a new casino good and gives it a good chance to compete in one of the most competitive markets there is.
  • Game developers
  • Focus on mobile gaming
  • Responsible gaming and security
  • Game selection

Cat casino game developers

New games are constantly being developed to enable companies to offer a unique experience to their customers. Offering a tailored experience, suited to multiple tastes, can be a recipe for success. However, this is not always the reality. A quick examination of the offerings on the Swedish online casino market quickly reveals that more often than not these are the same offerings, packaged in different containers. Some slot machines, such as Starburst, can be found in virtually every game catalog. Choosing a company with Swedish game developers can give you a certain edge when it comes to innovative novelties. Net Entertainment is considered one of the most respected and established game development companies. Based in Stockholm, the company primarily develops casino software and is a supplier to numerous gaming operators, with modern classics such as Starburst and Gonzo's Quest in its catalog. Evolution Gaming is the world leader when it comes to live casinos. The company was founded in 2006 and is based in Stockholm. Its most popular games are Dream Catcher, Crazy Time and Lightning Roulette. Yggdrasil Gaming is another Swedish company on the rise. Yggdrasil focuses more on aesthetics and provides beautiful and aesthetically well-made games. In an industry as competitive as game development, new companies have to find their niche to enter the market. Yggdrasil has focused on details, which is evident in its offerings. Microgaming offers a catalog of more than 600 games. Slots, video poker, blackjack, and roulette are previewed, but the developer is constantly researching the market to come up with new products suitable for the masses. Collaboration with large, established game developers lays a solid foundation on which start-ups can build. We can see a clear trend whereby companies that have partnered with one or a few big names seem to get better results. Gamers like familiarity, but they also want to be surprised from time to time. A combination of established and new developers seems to be the way to go. This can also be seen in the casinos that are doing better. In addition to established game developers, it is possible to find small and exciting developers who have carved out their own niche.

Responsible and trustworthy gaming

The trend of defining oneself as responsible and trustworthy is becoming more prevalent as the market grows. It may seem like the most obvious thing in the world: a new player wants a safe and secure gaming experience. Most casinos are relatively safe, so it is mostly a matter of how companies communicate their responsibility. Gambling addiction is a real problem, and if a site seems to be taking responsibility, with links to help counter gambling addiction, using gambling breaks, self-testing, game limits and cooling-off periods, and help lines for people with problems, the site may be considered more trustworthy than alternatives. A strong focus on customer health seems to be a trend that is becoming more prevalent among start-up casinos. Focusing on accountability may be a sales ploy, but it does not negate the importance of service, which is increasingly being taken as a given for new companies on which to build their brands. Some online casinos are making an extra effort to profile themselves as accountable, which seems to have some resonance in the marketplace.

The game selection of a new casino - Cat casino

The catalog of games is perhaps the most important factor in a potential customer's choice of a casino. A company can promote itself as safe or customer-friendly all it wants, but if it does not offer attractive entertainment in the form of popular games, it will be difficult to establish itself in the market. Nowadays, to meet the requirements of a game catalog, we expect several hundred games from various developers. Taking a quick look at the front page of various online casinos, one quickly realizes that the focus is most often on the game offerings. It is the popular games such as Starburst and Mega Fortune, complete with TV commercials, that attract the most new customers. Having a well-developed catalog containing the biggest and best-known names, but without the number of games becoming excessive, seems to be a trend that many new casinos are choosing to follow. Too much choice leads to a confusing casino landscape, and too little choice leads to monotony. The golden line lies in the middle.

New slot machines

New casinos must obviously offer the opportunity to play the latest games and slot machines from a wide range of game providers. Major game providers such as NetEnt are worth keeping an eye on because they regularly and frequently release new games of the highest quality. NetEnt games tend to have a high RTP, often exceeding 95 percent, which means there are great opportunities to make money even with low slot machine bets. Today casinos often allow you to try slots in "Fun Mode" or "Practice Mode" before depositing money. This is ideal because it avoids buying a pig in a poke and you can be sure to have fun once you play for real money.

Themed casinos

To diversify, many new casinos and game developers choose to follow current trends in popular culture. What's in fashion right now? It could be the new Hollywood blockbuster, a band selling platinum records, or a destination that seems to be on everyone's lips. Listening to the talk, the casino world has begun to adapt its offerings to what people seem to find interesting at the moment. There are travel-themed casinos with images of beautiful paradise beaches running in the background. Some slot machines have a specific movie or music theme, with designs based on images or color choices from famous movies and series such as Indiana Jones or South Park, music giants such as Jimi Hendrix or Guns n' Roses, or current events such as the World Cup or the Olympic Games.

Review of new casinos

A new casino is almost more important than an older one when it comes to checking it out well before you sign up and start playing, because there are not always many reviews to read from other players. That's why we review new Swedish casinos as soon as possible after they are released, to give you a good idea of how they are set up.

How to increase your play money with a casino bonus

A casino bonus gives you extra money -- so-called bonus money -- with which to play at online casinos. When you register as a new player at an online casino, you almost always have the opportunity to receive a welcome bonus, which usually consists of free spins, bonus money, or a combination of the two. Here at Cat Casino, we have collected online casino bonuses to increase your chances of getting a big win! By the way, the restrictions that previously existed on reduced maximum bonuses and deposit limits have been removed. The welcome bonus is now the only bonus that Swedish licensed casinos can offer their players. For more on how regulation of the gambling market has affected bonuses, see later on this page. Competition among gambling, betting, odds and casino sites is huge online today. Therefore, it is very important to differentiate and stand out (especially after regulation, when all casinos have more or less the same offer) in order to attract new players to your site. This is where casino bonuses come in, which are one of the main factors new players look for when choosing the arena in which to play. The larger and more generous the bonus offered, the easier it is to attract new players.

Do I need a bonus code or promo code?

Bonus codes and promo codes are a way to redeem the bonus that has been declining over the years. They have been replaced by special bonus pages, bonus links, or promotional links that automatically add the bonus to the player who clicked on the link. This is the most common way to get a welcome bonus today, especially if it is an extra good welcome bonus developed in cooperation with us at Cat Casino. However, bonus codes have not outlived their role, as they are still used to some extent by some casinos. So before you make a deposit, check with us here so you don't miss out on an extra bonus; this applies to both new and old casino customers. An example of a popular search on the topic is "bonus code." Tip: To claim a casino bonus, different casinos offer different options. The most common is that each bonus system automatically accrues for you as a customer. The option that involves selecting the bonus from a list and entering a code to participate in the bonus system. The latter form may be preferable.

Free spins, also a type of bonus

Free spins are one of the most common, if not the most common form of bonus. It is exactly what it sounds like: free spins, or free spins as it is also called, on a selected or optional slot machine. These free spins are often awarded in packages of 10 to 100 and upon registration or first deposit. As a new player, you can sometimes get free spins without a deposit as part of a welcome bonus as early as when you sign up as a customer. When playing slots with free spins, they always have a predetermined value, so you cannot increase or decrease your bet when playing with free spins. In order to withdraw the money won with free spins, you usually have to bet the total value of the free spins received from the casino a certain number of times. This is always stated in the bonus terms and conditions and is called the wagering requirement. A normal wagering requirement for free spins is between 30-35 times the amount, but it is not uncommon for free spins to be awarded without deposit or wagering requirements.

Cat Casinos - Get more spins today through our top list

What could be better than playing for free at a casino before you start spinning with your own money? With free spins, you can do exactly that! Free spins are the most common type of bonus offered with a deposit at a casino. When you make a deposit at the casino for the first time, you can get hundreds of spins to spin on. Free spins are usually offered when you sign up at a new casino, and in most cases, you receive a no-deposit free spins package right after you sign up! Since there is now a whole jungle of Swedish casinos online, this can be a good test of casinos before choosing where to play further.

Cat casino - Free spins as a welcome bonus

A welcome bonus is a form of bonus that is awarded to new players at a casino. It can consist of different types of bonuses, but almost always includes free spins. A percentage of these can be cashed out immediately after registration, while the rest can be used after making the first deposit into the gaming account. You usually get 10-20 free spins right away, but there are also casinos where you can get up to 100 free spins without a deposit. For example, at almost all no-account casinos you get different types of spins when you make a deposit. In some cases, free spins are valid only for selected slot machines, but they also happen to be valid for all slots, perfect for those who are new and want to try the gigantic range that can be found at all casinos today. When you spin for free, your spins have a predetermined value and you cannot increase or decrease your bet as you can when playing with your own money. The predetermined value of the free spins is stated in the bonus terms and conditions. One thing to keep in mind about free spins is that they are usually subject to a wagering requirement. This means that you will have to wager your free spins winnings a certain number of times before you can withdraw them from your gaming account.

Why does Cat Casino give away free spins?

To the uninitiated, free spins and bonuses may seem like a mystery. If the goal of casinos is to make money, it might seem that they should charge for their games, not give the chance to win money for free. However, the issue is a bit more advanced than you might think. After all, online casinos thrive on repeat customers, that is, players who continue to play regularly. With free spins, they can ensure that they attract customers who otherwise would have gone to another casino or not discovered casino games at all. In a fiercely competitive world, it's all about standing out to survive, and free spins are one way to do that.

Free spins in the Cat mobile casino?

It is said that free is good, and there is probably no reason to disagree with that statement. Something free is free spins, a type of bonus or offer common to most online casinos. Getting a free spin, or "free spins" as they are called, means that you can spin a digital slot machine for free and win real money, without having to reach into your wallet. From the casino's point of view, free spins are used to promote new games because they believe in their product so much that if the customer can just try it out, they will want to play again. Sometimes you also get free spins as a bonus when you register for the first time at an online casino, or when you have played a certain number of times. Getting free spins on mobile works the same way as on a desktop computer or tablet.


In conclusion, we can say that the online gambling market is booming. It grows every day and new casinos have to adapt to compete in the market. By following trends such as increased demand for mobility, loyalty programs, and increased customer focus, combined with a well-rounded selection of games from established providers and a streamlined, elegant, and aesthetically pleasing platform design, new casinos can build a solid foundation to work on. As a new customer, before making your choice you should investigate the customer service options and types of welcome offers that different casinos offer.